450 on/off button removal.

since i have now removed all of the elec.start set-up on my 03 wr450,i am wanting to remove the on/off switch and just leave it wired to on to be able to kickstart it.

does anyone know which wires to connect and is it possible to connect them before the connector to keep the mess down behind the #plate?any help would really be appreciated.thanks,pip. :)

WHY ??????????????????????????? :)

because,without the switch turned to on the bike will not kickstart.trust me i've tried!

I can't imagine losing my e-start.Convince me later that the weight loss was worth it. :)

kinda need help more than opinions right now.if we all wanted the exact same from our bikes we'd all ride the same brand and same model. :)

Sorry your right,just my thought . I know your trying to find someone who has done this to make your life easier,but can't you just remove the switch, connect wires and tuck behind light.Wish I could be more help.

sorry about being snippy!!trouble is,there's 4 wires going into the switch and i'm scared of blowing something if i connect all 4 together. :)

Check the wiring diagram in your manual, it looks likered and brown go together and black and red black go together. Disconnect your battery first, then do this and try to start. You don't need a battery to start bike and then you don't have to worry about shorting somthing out.You could also check for spark while kicking it.Good luck

!!!DONT connect all 4 together!!!

the switch and "little red light" are wired like this. 2 wires are the ignition and the other 2 are for the light witch is triggers on when the ignition is on but the bike isn't running. the bike running or not isn't affected buy this warning light circuit. so disconnect the connector and jump the 2 ignition wires and leave the other ones open {connected to nothing}.

You got to be kidding. You should have bought a YZ then this would not be an issue :)

I re-routed mine to the left side of the frame/steering head area. It is now tucked away in the same place that your blackbox would be on the right handside. I used heavy duty velcro to keep in place. The switch has never come loose, even after 2 hour harescrambles or the local MX track. It has plenty of clearence when the bars go complete left.

I know this isn't exactly what you asked for, but it does get the switch out of the way so you can use a YZ number plate.

Hope this helps,


There are four pins in the connector your on off switch plugs into. Jumper the pins hooked to the red and brown wires. The bike will fire right up. I tried to run with this setup with the battery and electric start but there are a couple off relays in the starter system which draw a tiny bit of current ,causing the battery to go dead. I mounted my on off switch the same way as MasiveMoe did and it works great. I eliminated the clutch and nuetral start switches also. :)

i love how people think i need their opinions on what i do to my bike!i already have a yz,but i like the wr for it's mellower power delivery,5spd box,big tank etc.the elec.start was a hit or miss affair,whereas the kick is first time every time.easy!but thanks for your pointless guidance.i'm sure is was meant to be positive.

thanks to everyone who actually helped.i got it figured out in the end.thanks again,pip. :)

"...i love how people think i need their opinions on what i do to my bike.......but thanks for your pointless guidance....." :)

&%$#@!....You asked us, remember! This forum is made up of ideas, opinions, suggestions, and views. Some work and some don't. And it is your job to decide which ones you choose to use or follow. A reply like that towards people trying to help was pure BS.

"We can either be part of the problem, or part of the solution."


just a quickie to point out my last post was directed at jvp's posting telling me i should've bought a yz.i sincerely apologise if anyone thought it was aimed at them.i really appreciated everyones help on the matter,and hope to be of assistence to someone else in the future.i just didn't care for the "you gotta be kidding me!"response when someone doesn't approve of what i want to do to my bike.hope you all understand. :)

Delete, Sorry..

I am not offended. I just don't get it. :) Whatever!

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