Rust around spark plug?

I had the same issue with my 00, the plug definetly is a holding place for moisture. This tells me one thing, the rubber Plug cover is Crap, so I fixed it. I use a semi hard Silicone Very very Little just around the bottom flap that rests on the Valve case. or if you are nimple enough a very small bead around it. It is very easy to peel off and stops water / mud and such from gettin in there. Remember to clean the Ruber and the Case when changing the plug. you do not want it to build up.

You might want to consider the drain hole on the side of the barrel when washing the bike. Also at hicks suggestion, I use my air compressor to pressurize the hole (through the drain hole) where the plug is, to blow the cap off (instead of pulling the cap and possibly damaging the lead) and also to blow all the crap out before removing the plug.


I just had to change my plug for the first time since I got this bike. It didn't foul I just thought I should replace it. I bought the bike used and when I took the spark plug boot off and the hole was full of moisture! How do I keep this from happening? Subsequently, the base of the plug was nothing but rust. Has anyone else had this problem. I didn't have any problems at all with the bike running so I hadn't checked the plug at all since I got the bike.

mine was the same. I just cleaned it out and am more careful when I wash it.

As always thanks guys, after I clean it out I will be more careful with the washer from now on. I will also use the drain hole to get the cap off from now on.

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