2014 450 Silencer Repack Question

I am in the process of repacking my silencer on the 2014 YZ 450.  Should I reuse the metal mesh wrap (2nd from the left in the picture) that slips on the inner pipe then wrap the new packing around it OR just wrap the new packing around the inner pipe?



2016-04-09 14.58.41.jpg

Use the mesh.

Thanks Grey! I started to put it back together using the mesh, and I am having the damnedest time getting the non riveted end back in the canister. I even tried it with out the packing and still couldn't get it. Seems that they didn't design it with any type of lead in. Do you have any tips on how to put it back together?


I was trying to not remove the rivets if I didnt have to

I was able to get the canister back together.


If anyone else encounters a miss alignment problem, you can use a wood clamp to squeeze the canister to make the two pieces fit together. 

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