Gytr tuner for a 13 yz450f, is it worth it? For woods?

This bike is crazy fast, can i tame down the hit off idle? I mainly ridr trails, n the steep climbs r where it gives me problems. Thanks!

Put a 45 rear sprocket on it

I would do the opposite on gearing as in a larger rear sprocket. You can also play with the tuner. I have found advancing the timing better for me. But I would go both ways with the tuner to see what you like. It's also likely you just need lots of seat time?

I just came off an 08 yz450f, it was super easy to ride. On the other hand, i just finished fiddling with my rekluse z start pro, gonna try it out tomorrow on some harder climbs

Yes, or make friends with someone that has one and lets you spend a day tuning with it. An off road flywheel is another offroad essential. Dont think about it, just buy it.

I tuned my rekluse z start farther and i dont think it's nearly as bad. But i haven't tried any steep hills with no run ins yet. That's about the only spot i think it feels too powerful too quickly. I was told the tuners will only work on one bike after it's hooked up. I may stilk order one I'll see

The GYT-R tuner will work on any number of bikes, but any stored maps can only be expected to work the same on the same year and model as the one they written for.

It's worth riding if you ride a lot of different soil and track conditions. If you ride the same terrain or places, barrow one and find a map you like. I love my tuner, I have specific maps I use at different tracks.

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