Rekluse Clutch Cover: More Oil Required?

I just put a Rekluse Core EXP 3.0 in my bike and noticed the oil level is lower, which I'm sure comes from the additional volume of the new clutch cover. How much oil have you guys found that you needed to add to make up for this? I usually put in around 690cc of oil in when I do an oil change. Bike is a 16 YZ450F.

I just changed my oil on my 16 450FX with core exp and put in exactly what the manual stated and it came out perfectly.  


Not sure the the clutch cover gives you any additional oil volume as it's used up by the exp.



Makes sense. Maybe I lost a little bit in what was stuck to the long ass funnel I used.

The deeper cover is above the normal oil level, so it adds no more capacity.

Thanks gray. I have the entire right side engine case off because I put a boyesen supercooler on when I put the rekluse in as well, so that may account for the extra oil I had to put in.

First ride on the rekluse today and I must say, it's probably one of the absolute best upgrades I have done to my bike, period. Worth every penny.

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