1999 WR400F Oil leaking/disapearing? Help por favor

Hey blue guys! Bro in Law has a 99 wr400f. For the longest time he said it was burning oil, he kept having to add oil, but it was never leaving spots on the ground. He wasn't sure where the oil was going. Now he says that oil is leaking out of a overflow tube?

I am picking this "problem" up this weekend and wondered if this was anything you guys may have experienced. Thanks in advance for any help.

Chris :)

my wr 400 blows oil out the overflow too. It is common for those years. I am talking about 1-2 oz max on a two hour ride. It will be especially bad if it is overfilled. A kid on another forum was putting 2.5 qts of oil in his wr 426 and couldn't understand why he was burning a qt of oil every ride. Basically a little blow by is normal, Most mfg route that tube to the air box so you never see that. How much oil is he losing? I might add 4-5 oz once between oil changes or ever 4 rides.

Yes oil out the breather is normal, seeing I have overfilled my a little bit. Hey Zeke! Its xr200red_rider from dirttrails. Ive seen mcdel floating around here too, mostly on the dark side :)

What is up little buddy. Mcdel? you mean mcneildn?

Yeap, I do. I'm actually trying to strike up a deal with pete on a new redesign of the site from myself, along with a new forums setup similar to this one. Wont attract so many crf150 11 yr olds. :)

My questions would be, how is he checking the oil. The only accuarate way to check it is to start it up and let it run for 2-3 minutes. Then make sure the bike is straight up and down. The level should be checked with the dip stick sitting on the threads, not screwed in. If he's checking the oil level with the motor cold, the level will always be low. I personally don't loose a noticable level of oil out the overflow while riding. I also don't burn oil The level will stay the same between changes if I check it when the motor is warmed up.

I know the proper way to check the oil. He says he is checking it correctly. I will find out soon enough.

By belief in the begining was that he was checking the oil while the bike was cold, thus it was always low on oil. So he'd add oil causing there to be too much, thus the oil overflow.

I will figure it out.

Thanks Guys!

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