New Clutch

I'm looking to purchase a new clutch. I fear that mine(stock) will be reaching the end of its usefull life soon. I would like to have the new one in my hand when it happens. The miles are beggining to add up and I've been rompin her pretty hard.

I'm not looking for an auto-clutch at this time.

Any suggestions on a good aftermarket clutch would be greatly appreciated.

Any suggestions on where to purchase a good clutch at a fair price would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks :)

I would stay away from EBC clutches, but Barnett is a good name and makes top notch stuff. If you go with heavy duty springs, be prepared to give your left hand a workout if you normally do a lot of clutch work when riding.

I personally like the stock clutch discs & plates and think they are excellent quality. You can buy new clutch friction discs, drive plates & springs from places like or for a significant discount compared to many Honda dealers. It's a super easy job to do, but make sure to inspect & clean your oil downtube screen after your first & second oil changes after the new clutch is installed.

I am running the Barnett heavy duty clutch and dont really like it.

The OEM unit seems to be the best bet IMHO...

I agree with Qadsan about the downtube cleaning. If you haven't got a magnetic drain plug it's a good investment when doing clutch changes. All the leftover fibers and what not were stuck to it. I have a Barnett in my bike and I bought Xr's only heavy duty springs. The clutch pull is close to stock if not better :)..don't ask me why but I'm happy.

Just went through the same clutch dilema. The clutch started slipping with when pulling big revs with a 12 paddle tire in the dunes. Those I spoke to all thought the stock parts were the best and most reliable. I bouight just the soft plates and new stock springs totaled ~$85. The metals were kind of blue but not warped. I roughed them up with some 150 grit on a flat surface. Replaced it last Friday and it felt like new for the 110 mile ride through Mexico on Sunday.

How long are you guys getting out of your clutch when stock? I only got 800 miles or so and it was BURNT. One of my fibers was cracked too?? Maybe that's why it was so burnt. I do ride N.E. tight woods, so I was on the clutch alot. Changed my gearing and I hope that'll help.

If your clutch was properly adjusted and good fluids were used and changed often enough and the clutch wasn't abused, then I would have thought it should have lasted much longer than 800 miles. My brother-in-law had over 8,000 off road miles on his stock clutch before he repalced it. I have less than 3,000 miles on my stock clutch plates and one of these days I need to get in there to measure their wear to see how they're holding up. It would be interesting to setup a poll here and on the Yahoo group to find out how many miles people got from their clutches.

IronMike rides more in a single month that I ride in two years. He'd be a very good source of failure analysis on things like this for long term testing under harsh riding conditions.

I don't quite get it either qadsan? Maybe my bike spent a good year or so on the kickstand and the fibers dried up? Who knows. I think it was due to the fact that I beat on the clutch doing sand hills and what not. Plus one of my fibers was cracked. However, the oil must've gotten hot cuz it literally burnt my basket and plates. The color is now brown stained in some areas. Anyone else have this issue?

What kind of oil do you run?

I would bet that the dunes have killed more bikes in the south west than any other type of terrain. Clutches, engine contamination, siezures, etc. I remember seizing my YZ250 in the dunes while in high school. I knew it was running hot, but the adrenalin was rushing through me while riding with my friends and the hill was calling me :)

I use Spectro 10w40 petrolium/synthetic blend. I run a 20w50 in the hot hot weather..

That should be good and the 20/50 is a good choice in the warmer weather.

While doing the tours in Baja we see clutches with less than 1K miles get burnt on maybe every 3rd trip. Its usually (always?) newer riders taking off in the sand in second or third gear. It only takes 5-6 times heavy slipping the clutch in a too tall gear in the same 3-4 mile stretch of sand--throw in a slightly overweight rider, and it can (will!) start to burn.

I have about 30K mostly tuff off road/race miles on my BRP-and i am on the 4th clutch--but its open desert and i dont fan the clutch ever-not sure what my partners do to her...anyway-just FYI. Never burnt a clutch-just wore them down. So the outside milage for a clutch would be about 6500-7000 miles in the open desert. Maybe a bit more if ya arent racing it...I bet guys can get 10K miles from a clutch but that would have to be the limit!

There can be lots of reasons why the clutch is slipping-best thing is to take it out and inspect. It will tell a story!

I've gone up 2 teeth in the rear sprocket so I'm hoping to not use the clutch as much...we'll see.

I would stay away from EBC clutches

Why, exactly?

I put an EBC clutch kit in my '98 XR650L motard and it made a huge improvement in clutch feel and action. I got the kit that includes friction discs, driven discs and 10% heavier springs, and I couldn't be more pleased with it after a couple thousand miles.

Why, exactly?

It's just my personal opinion from my own personal experiences and later confirmed from reading numerous comments from other EBC clutch users. I'm sure plenty of other people have had good luck with EBC, but I'll never use another EBC clutch because I've had problems with their clutches on two different bikes & a neighbors quad. Putting the stock clutch fibers back in always resolved my issues. At first I thought I just got some bad discs, but when this happened over and over again, I became curious if others were experiencing the similar issues, so I started searching the internet and found I was far from alone.

Simply search ThumperTalk's forums for the words "ebc" AND "clutch" whether it's Yamaha, Honda, etc, and you'll find all kinds of negative comments about the EBC clutches, but you won't find too many negative comments regarding the stock fibers and you'll find plenty of similar comments across the internet if you do some scouring.

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