Stripped sub frame

I just notice a couple days ago that the bolt that holds the sub frame to the frame was missing. So today I got a new bolt tryed putting it in and i noticed it was stripped. Any suggestions on what I could do? Would loctite do anything?20160411_184533.png

You could try tapping it with the same size tap first and use a new bolt first. If that doesn't work then re-tap with the next size up. Absolute worst case would be to drill it out smooth and use a new bolt with a nut on the back but before you do that...


If you can take it to a good machine shop or mechanic and see what they suggest

Time-sert would be the absolute best thing. They are pricey, but if you remove anything in the way and take it to a shop that has them, shouldn't be more than 0.5 labor or something like that.

And yes there will be some good other options

drill it out, tap it, and install a helicoil of the original bolt size

Put the same thread bolt in there thats a 1/2 longer than normal and put a locknut on the backside.

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I'd go with a longer bolt and nut (preferably nylock) if there's space for it. If there isn't, I prefer Timesert to Helicoil, but either will work. 


When it comes to bolts into aluminum threads, it's important to not overtighten. You're far better off torquing it a little light with loctite than cranking on it so it won't come out without loctite... of course, a torque wrench and proper torque AND loctite is the best option (unless you've calibrated your wrist that well).

I'd get a new bolt and run a tap through it before heli coiling or going up a size

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You can try the new bolt and tap idea but I think it is wishful thinking because the aluminum is likely stripped since it is much softer than the steel bolt.  I agree a Timesert is stronger than a Helicoil, but I would use whichever requires you to use the smallest hole size because the frame boss has limited material.  Another option could be to run a longer bolt and put a nut on the back.

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