Hand guard brand suggestion

On the 2015 WR 450 the handle bars are tapered as they go into the steering bracket. I assume this is the same on the 12-15. Is there a brand of brush guards out there that have a mounting bracket to accommodate the larger dia?

Cycra ProBends, among others (get the 1-1/8 mounting clamps). The Cycras are pretty bulletproof.

Sweet thanks

Is this the same for 2016?

Is this the same for 2016?


http://www.cyclebuy.com/shopping/fastway/handguards.htm I have a set of those on my WR and they're great. I have RG3 triples with rubber mount bars (4 mount points so they don't move around too much), so I wanted something that wouldn't transmit too much vibration to the bars. Quality is excellent. 


No matter what brand you go I'd suggest tapping the bar ends and using that style insert, they hold way better.

To ten. Which fit did you go with?. There are about 4 types.

I'll just copy/paste the receipt:

Ordered: 1   Shipped: 1   FW-V1-TC004-919   v1 FIT handguards 94-100x40mm spacing White/Blue shields   $170.95   Ship Date:

Ordered: 1   Shipped: 1   FW-22-1-195P   Fastway Replacement Handguard Set   $0.00   Ship Date:

Ordered: 1   Shipped: 1   FW-22-1-919   Fastway shields WHITE w/BLUE graphics   $0.00   Ship Date:

Ordered: 1   Shipped: 1   FW-V1-TC-004   v1 94-100x40mm Top Clamp w/4 bolts   $0.00   Ship Date:

Ordered: 1   Shipped: 1   FW-22-1-400   Threaded Bar End Insert Conversion Kit With Tap   $24.95   Ship Date:


The best deal I could find (in June) was $196 shipped for all of that, from Cyclebuy, but it may have changed since then. I really like the mounting it has. They fit around my Brembo radial master with no spacers too (which the handguards on my YZ don't - Pro Bend I think). 

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I put on a new post of cycra hand gaurds.I was going through a woops sections and fell to my left bending the gaurd strait up in the air on the first fall.today I took it of a smashed it with a hammer and got it back into shape.I won't buy them again because I feel like at 108.00 bucks they should have held up better.Maybe the hit that it sustained was a fluke but I was disappointed nonetheless..my .02

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