Dang... Rox Risers.

I finally got some Rox Risers for my 2005. Standard ones (2" I think).I was sure they'd fit no problem, but seems like both my clutch and throttle cables are too short (maybe even the the brake tube!). For some reason, I was sure I'd read somewhere (here?) that no new cables were needed. Quite disappointed. Any advice on re-routing, or cable brand options?

Secondly, anyone else running Rox on their WR? Likes, dislikes, optimal positioning for you? Lastly, very stupid question, but what did you use too mount them? A standard Allen key won't do, but I don't currently have access to an Allen bit set. Even with one of those, it seems like there's very little room to properly tighten the bottom clamps which hold the Risers.

Which year of bike you got

I had them plus bar risers on my 08 and the cables were plenty long enough

As mentioned above, 2005. I'll have another look just to be sure as this was a (lazy) mechanic telling me this. I'll check it out myself and take the bike elsewhere. I couldn't quite see because the bike was parked amongst other bikes at the time, but the handlebars definitely didn't go all the way up. Maybe they didn't try to reroute anything.

Do you still use the Rox Risers? How did you like them?

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Tried them, then removed them.

They were too tall with my tall bars at the position I wanted them. 

Went with KX high bars, a BRP submount and 18mm block risers instead.


I twisted the throttle housing 90 degrees to provide more slack in the cable, and re-routed the clutch cable on the left side.

I have the 2" ROX risers on my 08.  Just needed a little re-routing of the cables to make it more flexible.


The only problem I had was the hot start cable.  Didn't notice it until I was riding and tried to turn hard right.... the engine would rev.


Moved the hot-start mount down the bars about 1" and problem solved.

I had rox risers. Took them off as they'd rotate to easily. I run custom risers now.


The 2" risers shouldn't be a problem for cable lengths, unless you've made the cockpit smaller by bring the bars closer to you(rearward). If bars are moved forward, there really isn't much of a difference in cable length.

I have these risers on my WR450 and 2 other bikes.  $22 from ebay.  You can get them in 7/8 or 1 1/8.



I have these risers on my WR450 and 2 other bikes.  $22 from ebay.  You can get them in 7/8 or 1 1/8.




Those are good, if you want to make your cockpit smaller. It brings the bars closer to you. Good for short riders.

I use them because most replacement bars are pretty low, and I want to be able to stand comfortably while riding.  So these help with that.

I had barrisers brand risers on mine for a while and they did make it more comfortable standing but I thought they affected the turning characteristics and I removed them. I think it turns better without them.

Well I got them on finally. Only thing that needed to be changed was the throttle cable, which I placed in "behind" the bars (between the tank and bars, so to speak) instead of the usual "in front of the bars" positioning. So far seems nice, I'll go for a ride this weekend and test them out. I do have a set of those $20 risers which I liked for the price, used them on another bike. However, they're still a bit short (only 1" rise I think), plus the bars felt close. Not sure what the current bars are, but they have a lot of sweep for my taste (I used to have RC High bends which I liked, but were maybe a bit too flat) so I rotated them outward a bit. I'll bring a few allen keys and test out some positions this weekend. 


Thanks for the feedback everyone.

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