2009 WR 450

I just bought an 09 WR 450 with the stock digital cluster but the speedometer and the Klms do not work, it lights up and the time works, just wonder if it's the magnetic down by the front hub or something, if anyone has had this issue or know a solution please share, thanks

Wave a magnet in front of the pickup and see if you get any speed indication. If not it's the pickup or wiring to the pickup. If so then it's the magnet on the brake disc.

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They don't use a magnetic pick up. Check to make sure the wire coming from the bottom is plugged in and check the wheel where the pins go into the hub.

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Dble post

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Check speedo drive is not full of grease as i know this stops it working

Also check the plastic driven piece is present in the speedo drive

Wires can also become broken at the connecter behind headlight

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There is a plastic ring inside the front hub with two tabs sticking up. If you happen to put the wheel back together with the plastic tabs lined up with the metal tabs on the speedo pickup, the plastic loses and they will break off.  Speaking from experience.... :banghead: I haven't found where to buy just the plastic ring, it seems to come as a complete housing (~$100...) for some reason.

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