Couple of neat tricks i've learned

Just figured i'd share a couple of neat tricks ive learned. First one is to get your old, beat up plastic nice and shiny again. Second is a homemade front fender graphic.

First, if your plastic is in bad shape... then look no further. Take some real smooth sandpaper with water to the fender and get all the scratches and imperfections out. Especially the raised edges around the scratches. Now, make sure you clean it off real good. Let it dry completely. It will look horrible after it is dried, but dont crap your pants... it gets to looking like new after the next step.

Run down to the local hardware and get a good can of automotive clear coat. Spray a light coat on first, let it get tacky, then spray one more good coat on it. The clear coat fills in all the scratches and makes it look brand spankin new again. I have never had any problems with cracking or anything like that. The clear coat also makes washing much easier. Dirt peels right off of the clear coat with a simple garden hose.

The second trick i learned is pretty much a hillbilly way to spruce up the looks of your bike. I had just got my bike and started trying to make it look better with a non-existent budget. Well, what i did was take some black electrical tape and run it right smack down the middle of the front fender. Then run another strip down the side of the fender than has the raised edge.. then run another down the other side. Fasten it underneath the front fender with duct tape and clear coat over top of it. It adds a real neat look to your bike... kinda like a racing stripe on a car. So far i have found it to be quite durable. I have washed it at least 5 times since i did it. The clear coat keeps any water from getting through to the tape.

Well i know my ways are hillbilly'ish... but hey, my bike looks brand new with a cost of about $2.50 :)

You've got the "Tinkerer's Gene"! Don't let a lack of funds stop you from messing with something, even if it is working perfectly in its present condition! :)

Amen! Hehe, the first thing i do when i get a new bike is get it lookin good... i cant stand a crappy looking bike, but that's just me though.

One other good piece of advice... you can put that clear on almost anything, but DONT put it on your clutch cover. My clutch cover was pretty scratched up, so i sprayed some clear coat on it and it looked great. Well, the next ride i had melted clear coat all over my boots. Took a while to clean that one up. Maybe they make a high temp clear coat.... :) hmmmmm, i can already see a nice shiny engine! :D

I too hate an ugly scratched up bike.

I did the same thing to my plastic

but used a product from PC racing called plastic renew. It's a litte more expencice but you can add

more without removing your plastic.

I have used it on 6 bikes and still have half a bottle left.

Big Lou!!! Not used to seeing you over here in the four stroke forum!! Ya nut.

A buddy of mine painted the blue side panels on his XRL to white. I was like "man, that's gonna just flake right off!" He was like "so, the blue looks faggy, anything is better!"

Over a year later I'm like "Dude, I can't believe your side panels are still holding that paint!" He's all like "I told ya!"

The End.

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hobby stores carry spraypaint mixed with a flex-agent.its very durable,doesnt crack or flake.

Oh, and another neat little tidbit of info is how to get rid of the white marks when a fender is bent. Those little white creases are annoying to me.

First you need a heat gun, or a blowdryer. Just plug 'er in and start blowing hot air on the discolored area. Make sure not to melt the plastics though. After a while, the white marks will fade into the rest of the blue plastic. It doesnt get rid of them completely, but makes em' 100% less noticeable. :)

:) My Wife Taught me a new trick

She balances the Key to the Lock of the 426 on my nose.

Then she lets me get it when I give here the ok to buy somethig at the store. I have lasted almost 5 minutes before I give in

LOL! :)

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