98yz400f won't start after carb rebuild

Hey guys here's the deal I purchased a yz400f last year and it is the first bike I have ever owned. Midway through the summer last year it started leaking fuel and slowly got worse. Bike ran fine just leaked fuel. So last week I ordered a moose racing carb rebuild kit and put it in. I put the OEM jets from the jetting database in the bike and I can't get it to fire. If I let it sit for a while I can get it to fire but only with the choke on. Like i said I put all new jets in it. The bike ran fine before I did the rebuild just didn't want fuel every where. It's getting frustrating main jet was a 178 and I started with that one and changed to the 175 when it wouldn't start. The pilot jet that was in it I was not able to tell what it was because the numbers were gone. I put the OEM one in that came with the kit.

If anyone has any advice on what I can try next I would love hear what I it is. Oh and my accelerator pump was good.

Ok so I'm an idiot when I cleaned the carb I took the top off to get the slide out and replace the gasket and when I did that I took a screw out that moved the slide assembly rod over. Well when it did that my idle screw was not even touching where the cables hook up which was not allowing me to set the idle. Fixed and runs like a dream now.

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