how often do u change engine oil?

and how often do u service your fork?

I change my engine oil every other ride, or about oevery 6 hours. Change it as frequently as you can stand to.

Fork oil: probably once a year, unless I get a leak. (I'm a woods guy though)

If it's really dusty then I'll try to change it every other ride, otherwise I'll let it go 3 rides. Mine doesn't ever get black, but it sure gets full of dirt and comes out looking like greenish greyish goo.


Dude if your Sucking Dirt then you need to filter those holes. UNI and K&N make some case breather filters or you can make some of your own out of an old Foam air filer and tie rap em to the Case Vent. But serious if your bike is sucking in dirt, you really need to look the bike over make sure ya have no case cracks and such. Geez man Gooyee Green :)

:D Opps Hey Mor, depending on how hard you ride, but be safe change the engine oil every two maybe three rides, fork oils once a year is fine if you olny ride lite but if your a squid, but if your not then again depending on how hard you ride I would say evry 4 rides or when the seals blow. You should always maintain the bike every ride anyway, personally I change the oil every other ride depending on how hot and how hard I rode. then its every ride, fork oil I change every 3 rides. I do that becouse I use yamalube .5 and its cheap, I aint paying 10 bucks a pint times 3 for fork oil. Yamalub is 3 bucks a pint

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Engine oil every other ride.

Fork oil minimum once a year, or more if you had a problem.

Let me rephrase. It doesn't get full of visible chunks of dirt or anything, but it is not nearly as clear as when I first put it in. It's not dark from carbon, I think a lot of it is from the very fine dirt that gets through any filter. There is no visible dirt or dust on the clean side of the airbox or carb boot.

Sirthumpalot, I know what you mean. I try to change my oil every other ride and it ALWAYS has sort of a dirty looking color to it? Not black at all (such as from carbon or engine wear), but definitely not clear like when it went in. I also keep my filters clean and oiled for every ride and I've wondered about the color of the oil. Never seen oil that color, hard to explain. I don't know if it's dirt or what (clutch wear maybe)?

I'm a woods guy, and I typically ride once per week at 4-6 hours per ride. I change my oil after every single ride. To me it's a relatively cheap ivestment that I hope extends the life of my bike. I ride in the nasty coal regions of central Pennsylvania. The coal dirt is really fine and manages to get in every crack of the bike no matter how small. For this reason I not only change the oil after every ride, but I also clean my air filter, and oil filter after every single ride.

I change my oil after every race wkend of DEZ usually about 60-80miles of racing. I practice for the next wk and that usually means 2 good 40milers and change it the night b4 the next race.

As far as fork oil.......i used to do it once a yr until I got my Gold Valves. After talking to my suspension guy I changed my view on that! :)

This is what he had to say about suspension oil........

Race-Tech has the only "DYNO" machine that measures suspension.

According to R-T they claim that for every 4hrs of use on the oil, you lose 5% of the efficiency.

The way he explained it, If you were to ride 5 days at 4hrs each day, you only have 80% effiency in your suspension. He has done suspensions since the early 70's and he talks about 17levels above my head usually but even I can understanding what he was talking about there!

After he told me this I had him change my fork oil because I was complaining of the HARSHNESS of the suspension.

It was like a BRAND new bike! Unbelievible! :D

I was paying him 20bucks to change it until my neighbor showed me how. Never again! SIMPLE!!! :D

After the forks are off it took about 20min even when I knew very little about how to do it! :D

I do it at LEAST 3 maybe 4 times from FEB-November!

My brother has a 98 wr400, he has no respect for

machines. Rides 6 enduros and 6 hairscambles

plus the off weeks trail rides. He changes oil

at tne begining of the season and maybe once

toward the end. This will be his 5th season.

Bike never has had a engine problem. He had it

checked out last winter by local race shop. They

said every thing was in spec. We do use amsoil senthetic. So don't ever kick yourself cuzz ya rode her 4 times before ya gave her what she needs. I change it after every race or several trail rides.

Winder till she stinks!!

The grey color is coming from the clutch usage.


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