Help wiring Stock headlight to Tusk kit

Hey all. I'm not super knowledgeable about wiring so hoping someone will give me the easiest answer possible.


I have a Tusk lighting kit installed on my 2005 WR450. I'm looking to wire the on/high/low beam switch to my stock headlight.


Can someone let me know the easiest way to accomplish this.


Heres the stock plug/wires.




Here's a pic of the wires from the tusk kit 




Thanks all. :)

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Edited by sneek24

Nobody knows?!?!?!

I went to the local auto parts store and bought a new plug for a dual beam bulb,around $2.

I believe there is a video on how to install on Rocky Mountain ATV. They go in depth about the tusk kit. 

Hint black is ground white is lo beam and blue should be high beam. If you want a hi and lo beam go to the auto parts store and get a three wire plug.

Thanks for the suggestions guys,


93dps: Il'l go look for that plug the next time I go into town (I live in the sticks, lol) because I would like to avoid cutting any wires if need be. Any chance you can post a pic of the plug so I have an idea of what to look for?


Turfndirt: There is, however my wiring is different then the video.


Stevethe: Thanks for the link however that isn't really too useful, also I know what the tusk wires are its the WR headlight wires that i'm not 100% sure about. I would assume the black is ground also but which is the (+)??

Hum let's see. The stock headlight plug shown on your pic black stays put its a ground. The other two wires blue and yellow together would go to your black tusk wire. I believe your tusk kit would tell you that's hot coming in? Then when you get your new three wire auto light plug the stock Yamaha plug once again will have black as ground. Then the Tusk has the white low beam and blue for high beam.

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