I Need Some Head....

Well, I need *a* head actually. Pulled a '98 400 apart last night to find why it was using coolant. It is cracked in two places. Anyone have a good used head for a '98 or '99 400 laying around?

I don't have a head for you, but do you have any ideas as to why it cracked? Did you get low on coolant or did it boil?

It took me 6 months of looking to find one used. Thanks to dirtbikedave, I finally got one.

Cool, hugger. Thanks!

Being aluminum, it can be fixed. Ive seen some aluminum big block chevy heads, that were, what looked like toast, saved to race another day. Not a lot makes a bigger mess than a 2 1/4 inch valve head on the loose in a combustion chamber! Cost me 1100 bucks to fix it, but it saved my 4000 dollar head.

hey ...........<font color=blue><center><h1>TRY HERE</h1></center>

I just stumbled on it last nite searching ebay for odds and ends.........I picked up a whole upper/lower/bar mounts/bearings/bolt (front end minus forks) for 15 BUCKS the other day!!!

good luck bidding :)

Your killin me man, your killin me :D:):D


Man for a second I thought Tuner had mistakenly meant to post on the Yahoo Personals site! LOL



[ March 25, 2002: Message edited by: G-Man ]

Are you Raptor725 on Ebay......?

he picked up that head for 102bucks!

take it 2 the top again for ya mark!

No, we're not. We got outbid by two dollars in the last 30 seconds!

Thanks anyway.

Thanks MXTuner, for the great job on my bike.

If you ever get a chance to watch this guy wrench...Well, I just can't say enough here.

I'm a long time browser, first time poster. I look forward to reading the post here everyday. I especially like the good humor of the members (Egoahole cracks me up). :) Thanks for putting this site together, it rocks.

Anyway, I'm thumpin again. Thanks again MXTuner. Hope to see you Sunday on the trails.


Originally posted by MX Tuner:

No, we're not. We got outbid by two dollars in the last 30 seconds!

Thanks anyway.

Sniper bidders. Da*m Bastages.

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