2001 yz426 timing and kick start

Issue I am having is this. Had the bike idling adjusting carb after carb rebuild and the engine died with a back fire..no big deal. Clear it out a few times with the decomp lever in and go to compression stroke. Kick down hard and the kick start lever stops approximately 2 inches above peg hard. If I pull the decomp lever it will kick through the rest of the way to the peg. I do my normal start procedure and will always stop without kicking through. I have compression. Took balve cover off and I believe the timing dots line up. The exhaust may be slightly higher than the intake. I am currently checking my valve clearances. If you would look at the kick starter on a degree wheel it would look like compression stroke at 12 o clock and the bottom of the compression stroke ends at 8 o clock instead of 6 o'clock when the lever gits the peg.

Anyone have any idea why this is happening? Im stumped.

The correct procedure is to find the hard spot that is the start of the compression stroke, then use the decomp lever to advance the kick lever about one more inch into the compression stroke and then stop, release the decomp lever, move the starter back to the top, and kick through the last half of the compression stroke.  Doing this, you would kick through about 20-45 degrees of compression, then not hit compression again for 1 1/2 full revolutions of the crank. 

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