Chain wear on sub-frame and frame

After seeing wear, and hearing the slaps on the sub and main frame, :) I adjusted the chain to the min slack. It took care of it, exept under low rpm excel. Anyone have a cure for this?

As previous post shows, there is a link to Motoman393's forum for a quick, cheap fix. You can also replace the stock swingarm buffer with one from TMDesignworks. Twice as thick and doesn't shuffle back and forth like the stocker does.

Thanks everyone for your response.I will let you all know if this mod works for me. It might be a day or to to let this cold air to pass threw. Thanks again for your time. :)

Ditto Dave. I have had my TM design slider on for almost a year. It does not slide and does very well at protecting the swingarm. It is very thick compared to the stock unit. :)

Hey Indy most of the wear is on the alum sub-fram suport,left of the swing arm. Is this the wear everyone else is talking about? On mine the chain slaps to the side. :)

No they are talking about the actual swingarm wearing under the stock slider due to chain slap and the fact that the stock unit slides around a lot. Your issue is something different. :)

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