GeorgeTown Next Saturday Anyone?

Wally and I are planning on riding Georgetown next Saturday. Anybody else up to it? We'd love to have company.

Mike, I rode the Stonyford to Fort Bragg 4 yrs ago, what a great ride. It was my first dual sport ride and I did it on a KLR 650. They ran 2 different trails, one for beginners and one for advanced riders. You ride all day saturday, spend the night in Fort Bragg and do the return trip on Sunday. With a stock 6 gallon tank I was able to pass all the gas stops the first day and still had just less then a half a tank after the first loop was over(what a pig). I would say at least 75% of the bikes were XR's. I'm sure that number will be a lot less now with a lot of people dual sporting the WR. Have fun and let us know how the ride goes. Doug

I'm going to have to get a dual sport bike! Sounds like Sheetiron would be a blast. Problem is, W and I are working on Sunday as usual. :) Hopefully, after May we will have some weekends FREE! :D Have fun and let us hear all about it when you get back. Paul

Paul you still have time for the boomtown daul-sport ride (the reno 200) starts out of boomtown NV, geart ride lots of fun, mike ,huge,bob bicthen,and myself are riding it you and W need to make that one, call me at work and i'll give you the daul sport info.


Monty, will do. Talk to you later, Paul

Monty, what is the date of the Boomtown run and is there a rider limit. Thanks, Doug


Myself, Monty, Eva (his wife), Big Dan, & Huge are doing the Sheetiron 300 that weekend. It's a dual sport ride from Stonyford to Fort Bragg and back over two days. It should be a blast. It will also be my first dual sport ride! Let's get together and go riding soon!


p.s. I get my WR back tomorrow!!

Aftershock, bootown ride is june30th and there is a 200 rider limt and dinner sat night,lots of fun geart ride.


I'm hurt - Monty forgot that Anja (wife) & I are also riding the Reno 200. Several of my non-TT friends will be joining in on the fun as well - should be a really interesting dinner Sat. night :)

Anyone doing the Dirt Days run?


Brian i didn't forget about you and your wife doing the reno 200 i hope you will jion us for dinner sat night at ower table that way i don't have to buy as many raffle tickets i'll just take yours.


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