I've decided that I'm going to learn to weld. First item to make is a new bike stand. :) My question is, for those of you who know how to weld, what type of welding do you recommend for a beginner? I want to weld aluminum and steel but I have no idea which type is the best to learn. Are those home depo 115V home welders worth anything?


For starters: Do you have any experiance in Welding ?

If No

then start with a class at the nearest Vocational center, this will introduce you to some basics in Welding metalergy and fundamentals. Plus it dont look so bad on the resume if you decide to start looking for a job in the field. You will really need to start with MIG and TIG welding arc is an art Mig * Tig will help you with hand control and spacing the beads. Arc is abeast all to its own. Specializing in aluminum and other alloys is a good thing. Once ya learn the basic try and get a job with some older welders and learn from them. :D

PS: :) No any of the Home Dumpo, Sears or welder you pay less then 500 bucks for is worth PooPoo

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