Frame swap question

I bought an 01 YZ426 supermoto with an NV title that was kinda old, signed into someone else's name, and then a bill of sale from someone else. Had a cop friend check if it's stolen, it isn't. However, DMV isn't willing to give me a transport permit even. I'm not planning on riding on public land, but would like to have something to show CHP if they pull me over... here in CA dirtbikes are typically titled/registered. I'll be going back into DMV at least once in hope of finding a different employee willing to work with me, but I'm not too optimistic. So, I'm looking at buying a currently registered frame and swapping everything over - the bike is set up VERY well, which is why I bought it, not expecting paperwork to be such a hassle.


From what I've read on the internet (so it must be true), the 400 and 426 frames are compatible. Are there any differences? How about the WR frames? I've read that the 450s use different engine mounts, so I imagine I can't use them, and that the same is true of the 250s. Is there anything particularly tricky I'm likely to run into?


Thanks for any advice. 

The 450's are different.  But the '98 - '01 YZ400F/426F frames are in fact compatible.  The '02 426 frame is also, except for the larger swing arm pivot.  You can use that frame if to change out the steel grommets that insert into the rear mount hard point on the engine. 


A steel 450 frame should actually be usable but for the above mentioned pivot issue, relocating the lower mount tabs, and fabbing new mount plates for the front and top.

So there's no functional difference in 98-01? I didn't know if they made geometry changes or anything like that. I'd rather not have to change any more than I have to.

I don't know for certain, but I'll go out on a limb and say that there were no significant geometry changes year to year in that range.  I know they all use the same fork and 25mm offset. 

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