Pilot screw-No manual

Stupid question I know. I think I know where it's at without the manual but there doesnt seem to be any room for a small flathead. Could someone look at the screen shot I have from an '03 manual and tell kind of where it's at? I see the idle speed knob and I am thinking it's almost directly behind it if I follow the cable around to the front of the carb. Any help is appreciated, my dealer forgot to give me my manual(getting it this weekend hopefully) and I'm not hip to carbs.


Thats it, the carb must be loosened and pulled out to adjust. Might look at an adjustable screw from Zip-tyracing.com

Perfect, thanks SJ.

This is where one of the extended fuel screws come in handy, I have Zip Ty(Aluminum) but I think one of the brass ones, such as the Scotts or Kouba would be better. There've been a couple instances reported of the tip breaking off the Al screws... :D:)

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