What do different bar positions do?

I moved from an 08 yz450f to a 13 a couple weeks ago, and my new one has ktm bend mika bars. I like the feel, i think i need to roll them back a bit. But what will putting my bars in the forward mounting holes do? I figured it would be better for hill climbs, and with the more leverage but longer distance for movement, it would make it feel more stable. Any thoughts? Before i put them stem in the front holes, the bike did feel cramped especially on hill climbs

It moves you in a more foward position. The best part of moving everything around is you can always move them back or to where you like them best.

Moving the bars forward also allows you to ride in a standing position in a more upright, balanced position, rather than hanging back off of the bars in order to get some room in front of you.

^ What Gray said.

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