Yz450 2004 gearbox issu

Hi there.

Last night when i changed oil I hit the first ger with my hand when the bike was on the stand. Now its stuck there and I cant move to N or 2nd ger. If I pull the clutch in it wont "release" the engine.

Feels like something broke down in the gearbox or what have happend?

Need some help please.

Try slowly pushing the kickstarter to see if that frees it up when its rotating the gears. Or you can pull the clutch cover case (big one not the small one) to expose part of the shift assembly and see if something is broken. If nothing is busted under that cover, and you cant get it out of gear you may have to split the case to check the trans internals (shift forks etc...)

I have tried to use the kickstart and the backwheel with no luck. I guesse its just to drop the oil and open it up. The thing is that I have had it in to change bearings and not ride it after.

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