choke flap removal???

Since I am waiting for a carb gasket kit to reassemble, I figure it is a good time to consider all possible carb mods. I have heard some talk about removing the choke flap. Does anyone have any insight as to the advantages and / or disadvantages to this?

The tiny springs (possible failure) in the original flapping plate are the real issue.

You are in a cold state and need the choke. Initial starting you want the full plate, after starting the flap is supposed to help with idling.

It would be better to replace with a solid plate than simply remove the flap IMHO.

I had part of the choke on my previous XR600 detatch itself, enter the engine, and cost me a @#$%$#@@ of cash!!!

Fortunately live in the heat all year round, so bike will start without now!!! Just!

I heard about the possibility of this spring eventually coming loose and getting munched in the engine, so I started a poll on the yahoo XR650R group. Here are the results so far.

Has your choke spring ever come off/apart and caused engine damage?

No, never. 27 100.00%

Yes, no harm no foul. 0 0.00%

Yes, caused damage to motor. 0 0.00%

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Since I live in New England (how about them Pats!) and need the choke, these numbers are helping to ease my mind.

I hear that. I bought the piece from Xr's only and lost it. Hope all works out. That, in my opinion is a Honda flaw and they should fix it. I have the 4 year warranty on it.

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