Problems with my new 02?!

Rode at Berthoud the other day and some annoying problems arose with my 02 bought brand spankin new in late November.

#1. My right fork seal is leaking BAD already, I would expect these to last at least one season if not more, not three months!! (I keep my bike very clean and maintain it properly)

#2. My pilot screw fell out!! Halfway thru a lap I noticed my bike backfiring and stalling, so I checked all the normal things and when I went to adjust the pilot screw, it was gone!!

#3. My tranny sometimes won't shift into first out of neutral unless i rev it, then let the clutch out a little then it will go.

Should Yamaha help me out with these problems? I think they should, cause like I said I've only been riding it since November(about twice a week).

I can hear the managers at Fort Collins Motosports now "sorry, it's a dirtbike and things will wear out" I hope they are willing to work with me a little, cause my old POS '90 yz250, wasmore durable than this.

my problems so far: All mentioned above plus a shredded stock air filter, my chain is completely worn already, bars bent bad after first minor spill. I don't think a 6000 dollar dirtbike should have such problems. Do you?


I know the problem with the fork seal is PROBABLY just a nick in the fork arm caused by a flying rock. Feel the fork carefully for a nick thats sliding up and down on your seal and cutting a groove. If you do find a nick, buff it down smooth with an emory cloth. most of the time the seal will "heal" itself unless its a large "groove" cut into it. I'll let everyone else address your other probs.

The guy who does my suspension work recommends keeping an emory cloth in the tool box and hitting the fork arms frequently. Some rocks just make it past the protectors. (Terrorist bastards!) Hope you do find a nick.

4:20 six,

A couple of your probs are not what I would consider out-of-the-norm for Yamies.

1. YZ fork seals are notorious for leaking quicker than some other brands (I've experienced this first hand). Take a small feeler gauge and run it up under the seal lip then throw some petroleum jelly up under the wipers. Periodically, re-apply the jelly. This regular maintenance has eliminated my leaks. Also, as the post above says check for a ding in the fork tube as well.

2. I've had my fuel screw fall out before as well. Be VERY carefull when you adjust it. I always go back to fully seated then back it out just to be sure I'm not confused on how far out it really is. Personnally, I don't back it out more than 2 turns anymore (I'll change pilots if it is that lean). Also, be sure to notice the tension on the screw as you're turning it, when it starts not do be consistent i.e. free up, I wouldn't back it out anymore.

3. Don't know about the tranny. All I can say is I am very deliberate with this bike shifting i.e. not keeping my foot on the shifter, and using the clutch at all times. Plus, I keep very fresh oil running though it.

4. Agree with you on the air filter, that should not happen but it does. Get a twin air, no toil, or white bros for $20. It will run better and last a long time as well.

5. Stock chains and bars are junk on all jap mxers. If you got this many months out of them consider yourself lucky. Buy an X-ring chain and a set of fat bars and live happy for a long time.

Remember almost all mxers have their quirks that you have to watch. I rode KXs for the last 7 years and I could go on and on about stuff with them. All you can do is be aware of them, work with them, and usually you'll be ok.

Good luck!

I have some questions ?

if you have been riding every two weeks sincer november as you stated, that would mean you have ridden it about 10 times so that would equal too lets say @ 4 hours a ride (Lets Say) thats 40 + hours of riding.

Question :) How much Maintinance have you followed as perscribed by the manual ?

If none then what do you expect

Thanks RichB, your insight is helpful.

To ego-ahole: The bike has roughly 60 hours on it, and I maintain it very well, (as I said). I wash the bike after avery ride(not with pressure washer, a hose does just fine), change the oil after three rides/12hours NO EXCEPTIONS!!, lube the chain every two hours, and check all things that need checking before every ride(pilot screw, air pressure, air filter, chain slack what do I expect??? Reliability!! You do know what happens when you assume don't you? Also you should change your sign in name so peole don't think you really are an A-hole(because i'm sure your not really).

Ride High!

All good advice except for one thing. I wouldn't use petroleum jelly in your fork wipers as it will eventually deteriorate the rubber in the wiper and seals. What most people use is either water proof grease or lithium soap based grease(what the manual calls for). I don't know exactly how long it would take to eat the rubber away (maybe not long enough to be of concern), but I wouldn't take the chance.

Also, what are you cleaning your air filter in? Just wondering what would cause the filter to become shredded? I've had my stock filter for a year (I also have two aftermarket filters I rotate with it) and it looks like new! I just clean it regularly.

An old piece of processed 35mm film is also very good for cleaning up under your fork wipers and you can check for burrs or nicks with an old pair of your wife or girlfriends nylons. hope this helps.

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:) No I really am an Ego Ahole I would not be this way if I were not right all the time

Anyway its my job to assume everything I deal with unspoken trues all the time so assumption is half the part of being right all the time, the other half is I am just Right :D

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Plus stop crashing thatsaves the bars

[ March 22, 2002: Message edited by: EgoAhole ]


If you go to the tech section and click on fork seal maint the article says to use vasoline. I haven't had any problems over the years using petro jelly or a greases like bel ray or lithium greases that the manual recommends. My question to you would be that if you're using grease (made from petroleum products) what difference is that on the rubber than vasoline (made from petroleum products)? If petro jelly is bad than the Suzuki rep/mechanic told this guy wrong and maybe someone should tell thumpertalk to remove that article......

As far as the air filters go, there have been many a post about peole having theirs (stock ones) fall apart. The black foam on the filter lip appears to be of inferior quality (at least on some of ours). I ran the same spare filter on 2 different KXs over a period of about 7 years and it never went away.


I use the lithium soap based grease on my fork seals and it works great. It's really light grease, about like soft butter. Just pull down the dust wipers, clean them out real good then put a good bit of grease in each one. When you slide it back up the extra will squirt out and take a lot of dirt with it. You may need to pump the forks and wipe them off a few times to get the excess off. If you haven't put any lube under the dust wipers since the bike was new and the seal reall is bad (and not just dirty) then I would be that lack of lube contributed to the problem.

As for the tranny, I wouldn't worry. These (motorcycle in general) gear boxes sometimes won't change gears if things aren't lined up correctly when you're sitting still. If the gears are spinning then they lign up automatically. Usually there is enough drag on the clutch to make the shaft spin a bit even with the clutch disengaged and this will make everything line up when you hit the shifter (and you get a "clunk" as everything stops when it goes into 1st gear). It sounds to me that your clutch is doing a very good job at disengaging and the shaft isn't spinning so things aren't lineing themselves up. See if it will slip into gear if you let it idle but let the clutch out just a bit. I've seen this before on other bikes and I'm guessing that this is what is happening with yours. I wouldn't personally call this a defect, just a very good clutch.

As for the other problems, ditto on the chains and stock bars being junk, that's common across most brands in my experience. My '01 air filter is almost a year old and is still in great shape so either you got a bad one or your cleaner is eating it. Hopefully the dealer will give you a new one if you're using a popular cleaner. I wish you luck with the dealer, let us know what happens. :)

Gee RichB, it sounds like offended you wich was NOT my intent. I was merely pointing out a tidbit of info I had and let you all decide wether it was worth consideration or not. I do know that petroleum jelly does deteriorate rubber. That's why you should never use it to lubricate a condom (that's what I always understood)! Anyway, if you or many others who use it on your fork wiper have experienced no ill effects then by all means continue to do so.

Also, I just asked the question about the air filter becuase I was curious. If it was possibly due to what he was using to clean it then I would like to know so that I could avoid using that. Okay? Have a nice day.

:) DirtDad

So I am not the only one that gets miss understood, matbe its our style of presentation, I dunno, But I have never used vasoline, petroleum base of any type for rubber goods. Anyway I understood



Dudes!! you'all sound like its Monday! Quite bickering...finish the work day...drink a beer and get your gear ready for the ride tomorrow. :)

Everybody sing along..."during the nite we heard Ego scream....who put the sand in the Vasoline!"


As I was crafting that post I did wonder if you would take it that way. Didn't mean to come across mad or anything cause that's not the case.

I'm not an expert in rubber, latex, condoms etc (maybe that's how I ended up with those kids) :)

Seriously, I could use some grease 101 though because I thought that most grease is derived from petroleum products. If the label says "contains petroleum distillates" than I'm just asking myself what's the difference to Mr Rubber? Also, isn't the fork oil made from petroleum? Why doesn't that deteriorate the fork seal?

Everyone have a great weekend, I'll need to get a beer and settle down or else I'll be worrying all weekend wether or not my seals are crumbling away.


Yes you slide down the dust wiper and put some in there. Go all the way around with the grease and then slide it back up and onto the top fork tube. The extra will squirt out under the dust wiper. Someone here had some great pictures on their site but I don't remember who.

The first few times you pump the forks up and down some grease will get by the wiper, but if you take a few minutes to pump the forks (hold the front brake and push the bike down) and wipe off the excess each time then after a few minutes no more will get by the wiper and the fork tubes will be clean. If it sits in the garage for a few days then some grease may sneak by the wiper but if you pump the forks once and wipe it off then no more should come out until the next few days in the garage.

"Someone here had some great pictures on their site but I don't remember who."

did you even see the two links I listed above???

One of them is what you're referring to. Is there something wrong with my posts that they're only showing up on my computer??

I sold mine yesterday No problems just couldnt adapt 2 thumpers It was a good bike Im just not used to the extra weight,I got a 2002 cr 250 Ive been riding them all my life?

I am a little confused about where you guys are putting this lithium, vasoline etc., Do you take off the dust seal then jam a bunch up against the oil seal, then reinstrall the dustseal and let it spooge out? I've never put anaything on my fork arms, I just make sure the dust seal is relatively clean. It seems like if you spread vasoline on the shiny tubes, dirt would stick like flies on sh!t. Please inform me of this practice, it is news to me.(maybe that's why the premature leak??)

Ego-hole: Go away, nobody like an egotistical a-hole, why are you proud to be one?

Joke for the weekend: What could possibly be better than winning a gold medal in the special olympics?----------------Not being retarded.

Time for beers and bongs later dudes.

Dirtdad, sorry about that. I did try your links but I didn't notice the images since they were linked but weren't on the page. Someone actually had a whole page about the forks with all of the images in a line with instructions. Your link does show a good picture though. :)

Hey Peeee-On

I put the sand in my self, It lets me know when I "AM" getting Scr*&&wed.

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Daa What Oil Should I use

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