Fit a DRZ400SM 310mm front disc and caliper adapter for road braking

Has anyone done this mod? I can find the disc easily but where can i buy the caliper adapter? Is this mod worth it?

If your trying to fit it on a Yamaha your best opportunity for not having grief is get one for a Yamaha.

I have heard it is actually a pretty straight-forward mod as the disc fits without

much drama but sourcing the caliper adapter is the difficult part.

I had found a few sources last time I looked into it but don't remember where I saw

them. I think there were a few on Ebay, maybe try there...

Has anyone done the tusk oversized kit? The rotor is a 270

I have the Tusk 270mm disc on two of my WRs... easy to install and seems to

have made an improvement in braking. If nothing else it looks better than

the stock Yamaha disc.

For the price I suppose it is a decent upgrade.

Sorry to hijack but are there any 310/320mm disk kits actually available for the WR?

There are all sorts of SM 320mm brake kits out there for pretty much anything that can be converted to SM. The route I took was a Motomaster floating front that I found for $109 and an EBC caliper bracket for $64.

I also use the Tusk 270mm set up for dirt and it is way better than the stock front brake.

I have the 310mm Barrenger set up with the six pot caliper set up for supermoto.

There are many 320mm simple disc and caliper relocater brackets made for supermoto.

Yamaha GYTR also makes a 270mm for dirt.

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People that have the 270mm, can stoppies happen with this kit? Strong enough?

People that have the 270mm, can stoppies happen with this kit? Strong enough?

Hardly but almost maybe? Definitely not like a supermoto set up. With the Barringer it's a one finger.

Both of my supermotos have Braking 320mm rotors, Braking 4pot calipers, Brembo radial masters (one 16x18, the other 15RCS... I think, I'd have to double check) and they work great. Then again, it's probably a grand in brakes on each bike if you buy new. 


Rather than adapting DRZ stuff, I'd go with a kit intended to fit a WR. They aren't that expensive and should bolt up.

Let us know what you think and if you can do stoppies with it

I've ridden a few supermotos that use relocated stock caliper and have never had trouble lifting the rear. I've even been able to do it with a stock size rotor. Obviously they don't have the feel or heat capacity that the 320/4pot I'm running now does, though. 

320 kits all day available. Motostrano has a few different options from lower cost warp 9, EBC, up to high end kits...

With the 320 and caliper relocation bracket, it's a major pain in the ass because the caliper is almost touching the rim, so when you need to take the wheel off you need to get creative. I've only been able to take mine off by unbolting the rotor everytime..some say take the inside pad out.

7D55E2F1-30B7-47DD-A44A-DA8B81561AF4.jpg this is an EBC 320 supermoto contour kit on my 15' Wr. It's about $170

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You've had to unbolt the rotor? Wow. I just pull the caliper on mine, and I would've expected a 4pot to be bulkier. Just about every sportbike you have to pull calipers on some I'm used to it and didn't think twice. 

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