2012 cracked frame

I have searched and haven't found a crack like mine. Wondering if this is a repairable crack or total loss? I don't know much about welding and I'm trying to see what the consensus is before I go looking for a new frame. I'm also going to look again on the mating welds for cracks like I've seen on other yz450f. I bought this bike from a vet expert who raced both track and scrambles last summer in Florida with a good amount of hours on the bike minus freshly rebuilt engine. I've been finding lots of things needing replacement and though I was almost done until I found this.

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Get one off eBay

A certified or good Tig welder should do the trick.

I'm not an expert, but I imagine it's repairable. 


Aluminum is very sensitive to heat treatment, and after welding it's a lot softer/weaker than before. I suspect a plate over it would help reduce the odds of it cracking again. Luckily it's in an easy place to see. If you do have it repaired, inspect it before every ride.

i don't know man, that's a pretty gnarly crack, and it snakes down into a welded joint..i don't think i'd weld that one..every time i hit a big jump i would be wondering if my bike is going to break in half when i land, especially when i screwed up a really hard landing.  just my opinion tho, i'm not a welder.

replace the frame. aluminum sucks because of this but trust me if you re weld it, its going to crack again. keep an eye out on ebay.

The huge gouge in the frame near that mounting tab makes me wonder what that poor bike has been through... between that and at least 1 crack I think I'd be shopping for a new frame.

... if [you] weld it, its going to crack again. ...


Not if it's done right.

I would never question that crack with a good fabricator welder.

I've been looking on eBay for frames and I can't find a 2012 but have found 2011 frames (should be the same but not sure and bike is titled in Florida) but the funds for a frame are not in the immediate future and the placement of the crack makes me think I should just look for a new one. I'm in Utah now so I think I could find someone who works with building high end aluminum chassis to weld it but wonder how much cost could be. I just dropped a good chunk of money on a swing arm, yoshi exhaust, tires, bearings, suspension overhaul and set up for me and now the possibility of not rising this year is driving me crazy haha.

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type this part # in on ebay. I had a bunch show up. 400$ 33d-21101-00-00

I didn't even think about cross referencing the frame part number for some reason, I feel like an idiot haha. Thanks for reminding me of that for next time.

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