For all the Supermoto deviants...

Here is the next incarnation of my WR... :)

Yeah baby, yeah!

A quick Supermoto page

[ March 25, 2002: Message edited by: jamracing ]

I got in so much trouble with my XL600 back in the 80's. That thing is a high speed pursuit waiting to happen.

Hey ShawnMC,

You said something about high-speed pursuits?? Look at that photo again and see what's parked across the street!!! :)

Do you guys use wheels with rubber shock damers in the hubs when you make these things street legal? If not, how does the gear box hold up on the street? Just curious. ;P

Actually, I spoke with Don Canet (editor at Cycle World, and a long time Supermoto freak), and he said he never heard of a gearbox failure due to the street tires.

The Sheriff (and the FHP next door) are neighbors, and pretty much harmless...Good thing too.

Took the bike out Thursday night, and it was just plain stupid...Crossed up wheelies coming out of every corner, awesome accelaration (no wheel spin like in the dirt), and the brakes were even decent. Can't wait to get the shorter chain so I can fit the 16/42 sprockets :)

hi josh

where are the pictures?

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