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Hey guys so this is a two part questions. I grew up riding and did some racing as a teen but when I was 18 I ended up giving it up. I am 25 now and just a couple months ago got back into it. Ahh I am a lot slower then I use to be I did a race ( motocross) this weekend did not go so good lol. Good thing is I made it home safe but it had me wondering what I can do to get faster. So question one when I was younger I used to rider with a lot faster guys that always helped but since then I have lost most of my contacts. I am from the New England area right near Worcester is anyone on here up for some Riding? Maybe going to some practice tracks most likely crow hill. Second question I was looking into Gary semics videos what would you say the best videos to start out with? Since I work full time I can really only practice on the weekends so anything I can do during the week would be great. Any suggestions on first videos to watch and to let you know I could use help in all areas! Lol thanks a lot guys for reading this Long paragraph.

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