Whats your suggestion for novice children trails WV, NC


Will be taking a trip from Michigan to North Carolina and look for a a couple different places to make a day ride on the way down and on the way back.

What are your suggestions for children friendly trails and area to stop at?

Harfield McCoy trails......?



I have a 10yr old that just got back on the saddle after 4 years off riding but we plan on riding a bunch between now and then. 


Little coal would have been prime for a kid but its gone. Basically any of the southern hatfield trails will have something for him as long as you stay out of rockhouse or buffalo mountain he will be fine

Of the three HM trails that I've ridden, I think Pocahontas is the most approachable. I strongly agree that Buffalo Mountain is no place for a beginner be they 10 or 60.


I had decent rides at Rockhouse when I first got back into dirt riding, but there are sections even of the green low number trails that I could not ride, so I walked up and a buddy brought my bike up.


I've heard that Pinnacle Creek is also approachable, but I have not had a chance to try it yet.


Pocahontas has a fairly steep climb from Bramwell up to the trails. Once you get up on the mountain, the trails are fairly friendly, if it is dry. There are a number of trails that have puddles that turn into big puddles that turn into small ponds or worse. Stay out of the middle of the water, as the 4x4 folks get in the middle, go WFO and dig it deep

Thanks for the info!

Check out Wayehutta aka Roy A Taylor off road trails near Cullowhee NC. I had my grandsons there when one of them was on a RM 85 and they did fine. It's a NFS area with a $5.00 day fee. It's montainous with elevation between 3000 and 5000 ft, but very rideable, imo.



Depending on where you are in NC Brushy mountain / outback atv have some kid friendly trails

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