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DRZ400SM Spark Plug Help

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Ok, so I was buying a new spark plug for the DRZ for later installation and ordered one amazon said would fit my DRZ400SM.
A few months go by and when I get to installing it, it would not thread, and was too late to return. When I checked the compatibility again, it then said it dose not fit a DRZ.
So I wrote down the one that was in the bike exactly and ordered that, (NGK CR9E) When that came, I went to install it and ended up jamming my 3/8 driver in top of the engine instead of threading the spark plug. 3 hours later I finally got the things back out, WTH man, nothing fits this thing. I will make an attempt once more at ordering one amazon "says" will fit. Can  anyone explain the thread difference on what's supposed to be the same product?

And what's stranger is amazon says the CR9E won't fit and that's whats in my bike? Even other threads say NGK CR9E fit


Sidenote: Don't be like me and use a 3/8" drive 5/8" bit to install your sparkplug, you'll have a bad time, better yet use the real deal 1/2" drive 5/8" correct sparkplug driver with the  rubber grommet inside.




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The CR9E should fit. I usually use a length of rubber hose that fits snug over the plug's insulator to get it down the channel and install it without cross-threading and then rely on a socket, extension and torque wrench to seat it. A wobble socket or wobble extension helps make the job easier.

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