First time on a track.

So as title suggests I've booked myself on a track for the first time. I only ride trails/green lanes on my RM-Z450 but would really like to learn how to jump so figure lap after lap of a small track will be the best bet. I've got half a day put to one side this Thursday and I've read loadsa tips on body postition, throttle control, engine braking, foot out, to name a few. I'm a bit worried I'm worrying about it too much(does that make sense???) and I've read too many threads and on the day of riding out the pit onto the track I'll forget the lot!


Is there anything I should make sure I don't forget to make the most of the afternoon and preferably NOT die? I booked the mid week afternoon hoping it will be quiet on track.


Thanks in advance




When you get on the track make sure you stay on one side and hold your line especially off jumps. Do not zig zag everywhere. Be predictable so the other riders can pass you safely. If you feel like you began to fatigue to the point where you cannot control your bike, pull off the track and take a break before you make a mistake and get hurt. Also roll all the jumps. Only jump when you feel comfortable do not push your self to hit a jump because it's your first time at the track.

Thanks for the heads up Russasaurus. 

Nice! It's good to prepare. There are a 100 different things you could work on, but I think the number one thing to do is make sure you have fun. Keep it simple. I think the number one thing is to make sure you feel comfortable, you will know you belong out on the track. Picking a week day when the track is less crowded is a good choice.


Number 1 -  Don't look behind you

It's important to be aware of people on the track, coming up behind you and so on. It's important to hold your line so the people going by you can pass you cleanly. You go where you look. When you look back, it's easy to wander out of your line, and into the line of who you are trying to avoid. Learn the corners and sections you can scan for people coming up on you as you go through them with out looking backward. If someone surprises you, keep doing what ever you are doing, you can gradually roll of the throttle if you want to let them by faster.


If you're feeling comfortable on the track and want to work on riding technique.... Number 2 - Stand Up

I guarantee you will be sitting to much. Working on standing up -being pushed through the pegs, rather then pulled through the bars- and standing until your done braking.


Are you going with anyone else that you know?  Someone to follow or that can snap some pictures?

For you first time please do not try Jumps , I've seen so many people say " it's not that big " and then be hauled out by ambulance. Stay in your line as well especially when being passed by faster riders . if you pass someone else try to not roost them and don't get back on the throttle hard until they are far back behind you. You don't want to be that guy that roosts kids on 65s. Also if you normally ride trails maybe stiffer up you suspension clickers a tad so if you let's say accidentally go off a jump face to fast when on landing you don't just blow through your suspension travel. Have Fun man!!! I wish my MX track would open up soon.

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Cheers for the advice gents. 


Blowin_trannys, that's an interesting comment I'm glad you've made. I spend most of my trail time stood up but usually at a reasonably slow pace on techy singletrack so I imagine much easier than on track accelerating and braking hard. Is there a technique I should try to adopt, toes down, knees bent? 


Unfortunately I'm going solo so no chance of any snaps(might be a blessing in disguise  :rolleyes: ) I'll be taking my gopro and if it looks safe enough I may well set it up recording beside the track.


stronius445, there are 2 tabletops and a couple of kickers on the track. I'm hoping to at least get comfortable enough to get a little air on the tables as they both look smooth(not steep enough to buck on take off) but the kickers I'll be leaving out until I'm a bit more confident I think. They are like bmx style small but steep, most people were rolling them and landing around 10ft beyond but the experts were hitting one in particular wide open right after a switchback and clearing about 40ft  :jawdrop:


My local tracks have just started to dry out enough to open up, believe it or not we've had almost a week of sunshine in the UK 

Just using your legs to resist the forces from accelerating, braking and hitting stuff, rather then your arms. If you learn to do that correctly all the other stand up basic techniques are easy to implement.

Just go out and have fun.

Quick update incase anybody was wondering, I survived  :ride:


Massive thanks and many beers owed to Russasaurus, Blowin_trannys, stronius445 :insert virtual beer here: I took on board almost all of your advice and was feeling at home on the track within just a couple of laps. I did try my best to 'be predictable' for the other riders but feel I may have upset one guy once as he was behind me for about 3 close tight corners then when he did pass he held it wide open and absolutely caned me with with dust and rocks lol Stood up nearly all the time too so well happy with that, and sooooo glad for that advice as not something I'd have known to do but could easily feel the difference on track. I did forget to stiffen up suspension and was blowing through it, lesson learnt there  :facepalm: 


Lastly I did ignore some advice not to hit the jumps on this visit, after a few laps I felt pretty good and noticed the difference instantly from the different throttle positions and gears when launching the kickers so gradually hit them quicker. Only got 2hrs at the track before it closed(maybe 1hr riding) but by the end I was just clearing the table top to the landing so well happy with that. 


Looking forward to my next visit now, big question is keep going the same track and get it dialled in or try somewhere new???


Thanks again gents 


EDIT: by the way I'm a long term DH mountain biker so if I'm getting some trail feature descriptions wrong let me know.

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Cool, may of seen you at pineville before.

Where do you ride in England? 

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