-09 or -10. Is it that much differens?


I got the 250 -09 and noa planing to get a 450 as well.

Should I go for the 09 or -10 ?


Quite a difference.


The '09 is a conventional layout with a carb.


The '10 is the first year EFI bike with the head reversed. 


Depends how you want to use the bike, and your tastes, IMO.

I want to use it in the mx track. Maybe some Wood trailing

I had an 08 and now a 13. I think the 10 Is far superior. the 09 body style felt really heavy, more of an old school motorcycle feel. the new one feels way lighter. and with temp changes the efi is great. my 08 hated cold until it was warmed up. and it ran a lot hotter


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