Upgrading my spring for my weight help plz!

OK I'm wanting to upgrade my spring for my weight. I'm wanting to say a stock spring is for180lbs person. I'm weighing in at210,does anyone have our know of a place where I could find out what size spring I would need? Thx for the help Mike

ImageUploadedByThumper Talk1461086396.567473.jpg

This is for us heavy dudes ;)

I used it for one hour before my engine gave up.

If your in the states I think the shipping is about 25$ and I sell it for 70$=95$

Hmm the link is bad for some reason

Suspension was the same 07-09? My 250f is a 07will this fit?

Yes. It will fit. Did a test on my bike and it's the same.

I weigh a bit more than you, but I set my FX up with 0.48s in the forks and a 6.1 in the back.   I like a heavier spring in the back and then soften up the damping so its better on high speed trail trash.  My friend is about the same weight as you and he really liked it. 


Racetech recommended a 6.1 in the back but was way off in the front.   You have to balance front and back spring rates or the bike will feel unbalanced.

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I understand, I bought my to a Husky, different setting but same spring.

It the same for yamaha. This is 6,4.

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