Colorado Bike Prep


I have moved from Atlanta to the Denver area, I currently have a KTM300xc. 


I know given the change I will need to re-jet, add a sparky and the OHV sticker to be legal. The only current mods on the bike is a skid plate, and bark-busters. Is there anything I should add to the bike to make it more trail ready? Coming from the southeast the bike was ready to ride. Given the rocky nature to the terrain I am considering more protection and mods to ensure I do not get stranded on the trail.  


I am considering the following in no order:

Tubless (Limits flats)

Lectron Carb (solves jetting and better fuel range)

Rear disc guard (dont want to bend it due to the rear bouncing around)

Rad protection (dont want to bend them due to a tip over)

Pipe Guard (just because of the rocks and it hangs low)


Any other items to consider? I dont want to spend a fortune but I want the bike ready, and since I have time to work on it before Rampart is ready. 


Also looking for a group to ride with, I am a mature rider (45yrs) my goal in a ride is to have fun and make it home with my body and the bike in working condition. I am not racer fast but not so slow that riders need to wait on me. 


Thanks for the feedback

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I've got the 250xc. I'd say that rad guards and a pipe guard are necessities. 

Things i would consider are radiator braces, shock linkage guard and ultra hd tubes. Save the money on tubliss system for other things

I run both a 300xc and a 200xc up here.  As others have said some of the basics (that I use) are hd tubes, rad guards, skid plates, rear disc guards and cf pipe guards.  On both bikes.  Seems to be enough for me.  Take that for what it's worth  :thinking:


I also just rejet using the manual and oem jets.  Both bikes run as close to perfect for me... anywhere from Pueblo (5K?) up to about tree line (12k).  But I'm lazy... I never rejet  :smirk:


I'm also in my 40's and consider myself to be a very solid D rider   :lol:


Maybe when Rampart thaws out around late July this year I can show you around if you (or anyone for that matter) has any interest.  I also give guided tours of Rainbow Falls, the 717's, West Creek and many other local riding spots.  I will accept any sort of brownish liquor as payment  ;)


Welcome to the fold!!   :ride:

I will take you up on that Jax.!

My 250 XC is guarded to the max. I use Flatland guards for the most part.

I have a BPD chain guide tab guard and looking to get a linkage guard or a skid plate extender.

250 XCW; as noted skid, fixed (not flag) handguards, CF pipe guard, rad guards, HD tubes, Scotts stabilizer. Tubliss is probably a good idea if you routinely haul ass WFO, otherwise maybe overkill in Colorado. Rear disc guard, maybe a linkage guard on the XC. Jetting per the manual is right on.

P3 pipe guard, Mohard radiator, Enduro Engineering S/A endcap, Cycra Probends, KTM skid.

Slavens Racing and BRP Moto are also top notch sources for Rocky Mountain region KTM prep.

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I'd go out and show ya around some day too if desired. I'm newly retired, so we could go mid-week perhaps if that would work for you.

I too have a 300 XC. I wouldn't worry about a Lectron yet. Rejetting is easy and only needed if you go alot lower or higher than the usual front range riding areas. I'm normally jetted for roughly 6500-9500'.

For protection, I like Cycra handguards, BPD rad guards, TM Designs skidplate, EE rear disk guard, TrailTech exhaust flange protector, carbonfiber pipe guard, KTM case guard, and a Fastway linkage guard.

I went with JD's jetting kit and like it. I couldn't get stock to be correct, but I was new to the bike so perhaps it was just me. I put on a light kit and made it street legal so can connect trails without worrying. Originally I'd bought an EE sparky, but I didn't like it and changed to a FMF Turbincore II silencer and very happy with it. I run a Scotts damper with a BRP submount and just HD tubes in the tires.

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Welcome to CO! I'd be happy to go riding with you! Can possibly go weekdays too. I ride an RM250 and I agree with the above. All good choices. Redhurricane is a good guy to ride with.

Redhurricane is a good guy to ride with.


If you like old and slow. lol



Dave (Dmac) is good peeps as well and has way more free time to ride than I do. 

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If you like old and slow. lol



Dave (Dmac) is good peeps as well and has way more free time to ride than I do.

Thanks Mike, but I think you were more accurate before the edit....but its not my fault I'm slow....its my bike! LOL And I am over 60, so I guess old too. Still ridin though!!

original post was a bit of a run on and I didn't want you to think I was referring to you. LOL


I have not ridden since October- and I have so much stacked on my plate it will be June before I get out.

:-)...about your post....not about your plate.

Get the honey dos done and get the bikes'll be prime time soon!!

Super short notice I know... but hitting Fountain in the morning to get some seat time.  Hit me up here or there if you're interested!  


Look for 963 or 175 KTMs tooling aorund...


Ride on!!   :ride:

What's down in Fountain? I can't go this weekend but would be interested in going another day.

What's down in Fountain? I can't go this weekend but would be interested in going another day.

This isn't my best vid, but it'll give ya an idea.

A lap around the main 'track' is about 6 miles. Its often pretty choppy. Someone said its mostly dried up. That surprises me, but I've not paid attention to how much preceip they've gotten. There will be 2 mud holes I'd think. You can avoid em. If the place is really muddy, I wouldn't ride it.

Cost is $10 per rider. Pay at the entrance shack and follow the instructions. Its where my son & I go in the winter...often rideable when nothing much else is besides RAM, Penrose...or some MX tracks.

There is an endurocross section that is kinda fun to practice on and a big bowl, a small flat track for practicing turns. They hold races there periodically and the layout will usually get revised just before one.

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Thanks! I realized I rode there once about 6 years ago but the person I rode with called it PPIR. I didn't make the connection. I'll have to head down there while we wait for the snow to melt. Anyone do weekday rides?

Yep...PPIR is what we call it too. Some call it Fountain Creek.

I've read that CO Springs sewage treatment goes into the creek. Nice huh?

I'd do mid-week rides for sure but I cant for a little while. Mid week at 717 once it melts would be awesome!! Rampart too, but I can be even worse than a weekend cuz people will think they're the only ones there and haul around corners. If ya get on the ST, that issue is pretty much gone.

If ya get on the ST, that issue is pretty much gone.


+1   :thumbsup:

If anyone finds a good day to ride, please feel free to shoot me a PM, I usually have no one to ride with and it gets boring up here in the middle of no where Northern CO :lol:

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