Best place to put a battery?

Hey guys.


I bought a LED bar with a 12V battery (15 000mAh) and I wanted to put the battery in the airbox. Is it good?

I'm not racing, only light trail riding. I have a KX125 2004 and the battery is 155x75x45mm.



I don't think the airbox would be the best place because it is a important part of the bike if you are just light trail riding you could probobly find a way to mount it behind the number plate

That's where they go on a dirt bike. Just make sure it's not preventing air flow to your filter/carb. It will likely get quite messy but just wipe it down when inspecting your filter after each use.

The air box is common but some bike's are very right there. Of you choose the air box make sue it's secure. If it comes loose it'll make a mess. Of the air filter.

You could carry it on you with a 2 pole connector. Fanny bag will work. Bring a flashlight to reconnect in the dark.

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