Capitol Forest: 2016 Opening Day Event, Saturday April 30th


I'm planning on being there, and also wanted to start a little project for the opening.


Was thinking a parking lot tailgating event for folks in the TT community (Rock Candy).


Then, a video hill climbing event at the top of Capitol Peak by the radio/cell towers. The "Grunt Trail" would be a fun place to showcase rider skills or the lack thereof and put into some nice video.


Would put together some nice prices that are really tacky and cheap for the hill climbing event!


I just got a message from the DNR that Friday and Saturday are the soft opening for the year, even though the "official" open is May 1st, Sunday. 


Should you be interested in helping me organize and put this on, let me know. 





cap forest 005.JPG

The first still pic is how I remember the hill. :thumbsup:

Can't commit until I fix some schedule issues.

Let the bodies hit the floor!

So who is going to climb the grunt to Capitol peak first!?

I'm in Vegas playing golf. Would rather be riding...

I will be at rock candy lot around 10 ish Saturday morning. I'm going full loop, all day hardcore. Heck yeah.

I will be at rock candy lot around 10 ish Saturday morning. I'm going full loop, all day hardcore. Heck yeah.

What does your outfit look like? I'm thinking about riding the big blue pig down on Saturday.

Ahhh...saw your other post. Easy peasy.

Blue Yukon Denali with my avatar as bumper sticker. I ride a husky fe350

My FE 501 with tubless ,rekluse,motoz mountain hybrid and the goldyne front would make short work of that pile of rocks even with my limited abilities. 

 I would love to join you but Shelton is the destination this weekend

Tanker maybe paint some arrows on the rocks like they do in Moab and make a hard way up?  count dabs.    Many years but there was a trail that came in about 1/2 way up that wound all the way up from an old road grade. Was a good one. By the time you crested it and thought you were home free.....your in the rocks.


Russ, we're going out tonight will ride both days, look for the big toy haul.

I will be at rock candy lot around 10 ish Saturday morning. I'm going full loop, all day hardcore. Heck yeah.

Tiger you still plan on being there at 10ish [rock candy entrance]

I would be interested in a full loop.

I'm about to fly home from Vegas, visions of fast trails and switchbacks swirling in my head...

Full loop, with some video shooting on the grunt trail. Highmarker, the grunt trail got closed at the bottom a number of years ago. But you can go down to it via cap peak trail and run up the full thing.

I want all the keyboard Graham Jarvis's up there!!

Tiger you still plan on being there at 10ish [rock candy entrance]

I would be interested in a full loop.

North rim switchbacks here we come.

That Grunt trail (not on map) begins further down hill at road C7000,and  goes a bit lower to the Divide South trail; follows the fall line up to Capitol Peak.


There is another trail, Capitol Peak trail the begins at the intersection of roads C-4000 and B-1000, and goes south to the Grunt Trail, then beyond and climbs up to the peak. The Twin Peaks trail also enters this road intersection.


The switchbacks from Rock Candy Staging can be fun but the best trail has been closed because of the Kennedy Creek land slides. :thumbsdn: That still leaves two trails going up to the ridge.


Another nice climbing trail (not on new map) begins about 50 feet north off C-8000 road on the Divide North trail and climbs the fall line to road C-4700. Turn right at 4700 and then at the left turn turn hard right onto "Army Rd SW" (not on new map). This will take you back to the two switchback trails from Rock Candy staging.


There are three DNR single track trails in CF; two short ones in the Waddell Basin and a long one on the north side that goes from Porter Pass towards StraddleLine Park, called Loki on the new map. One short one is off Waddell Basin East trail near the C-9000 road, the other is on Mt Molly off the Waddell Basin West near the D-4900 road (not on map).


Sorry I missed opening day. Enjoy the rides.

It was a fantastic day. Right about now, I'd consider the big blue pig to be a boat anchor. I did fail miserably on the rock pile, approaching the towers. Everything else I rode...however slowly. Next time out, new tires. Better yet...a normal sized bike. Thanks guys for the fun!

Fun day. I've got some great footage including a rare Israeli ghost bike flip move

First time I ever went to the bottom of grunt. Pass the destroyed car, stop short of the concrete stay the &%$#@! out barriers. Long climb up rocky stuff finished by tombstone turn.

I'm headed back tomorrow, I want more...

Bow hunter, bring your gas gas, let's do it again!

Gtastro was a hoot to some skills!

Edited by TigerTanker

I was a bit surprised how much mud there was. The north rim trail west of rock candy had some seriously nasty mud puddles. Thick gooey, rutted, deep enough to drown a cow. I took a nice mud bath and have come home with laundry from hell!


Part of the crew near tombstone turn

Ya good times, Trais were in great shape. Tired and drinking IPA's now. After I thought about it awhile the new 250x was ripping today.

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