98 rm 125 clutch

Hi I'm having a issue when using my clutch, I ride a 98 rm 125 . When I have the bike in Netural and rev the bike I squeeze the clutch and give some it some fuel and press it into first and if revved to hi it grinds when going into gear, what do you believe to be the problem, I use atf type f lube. thanks FYI I'm new to the sight and dirtbike world.

It sounds to me like you need a new clutch disk set.  When the clutch is pulled all the way in it should completely disengage the engine and transmission.  If the metal plates between the clutch disks warp with heat they "rub" the disks when the clutch is pulled...that's why it "grinds"...or just setting there in 1st, clutch pulled, if you give it gas it wants to move.  This just happened on our 01 rm125.  New clutch fixed it.

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