Oil leaking throttle body

It's a 2012 model and just did an oil change, filter included. Drained it all for 10min then filled it with 1200ml as is stamped on the filter housing. Went for a ride and there's oil leaking from the throttle body on the cylinder side. This was not happening the previous ride when I purchased it.

Not too savvy with the set up of motors so wanted to know if this would be normal if there is too much oil?

What do I need to change to ensure not to put too much next time?

Was 1200 exactly and bike was level when drained.

There is 3 places you need to drain the oil from, did you do all 3?

Sounds like too much oil, the rubber breather hose has a hole in it just above the throttle body and that's where your oil is comin from

I add 1200 when I do a filter change and pull all strainers. If I just do an oil change which is very seldom, I only use 1150cc's

Nah mate only did the one from the sump. Where's the other 2?

Cheers for the responses.

On the left hand side, take off the white front cover on the engine cradle, and under there, there is an 8mm bolt that is an oil drain, it will have a small washer on it so it will stand out from the others. Then just under the gear shifter there is a 12mm bolt, inside will be a long metal strainer, take that out and check for metal filings and clean it.

Legend!! Cheers mate I'll get onto it. Appreciate the help!

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