2013 450 sx-f kick starter install

Has anyone put a kicker on a 2013 sx450f?

If so, how did you do it?

I NEED to put a kicker on this bike and I want to retain the E-start as well.


I have it installed on my 13' XCF. Same motor. Look up the parts from a XCW of the same year online or at the dealer. Ends up being $350 or so (I get a discount at my local dealer) and it took me two orders to get all the parts but, pretty easy to install.

Yup, since the '13 still has the boss in the case it's a straightforward bolt-on install.  Are you having problems with the e-start?  I have a '13 as well and it was my first e-start bike.  I do all trails and woods and end up places where I'd be really screwed if my e-start went out, I was nervous at first but have total confidence in the setup now.

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