Found something inside my TE450 engine.........what is it?


I've just purhased a TE450, '07, and are going trought everything before I start to use it. When I had the right cover off (clutch-side), to change the kickstart axle I fund a loose bit of something lying in the bottom of the cover. I have gone trought everything and I have scanned every plit drawings and part lists, but I can't figure out what it is and where it comes from. It looks like a small and worn cup/cap. Made of steel. Does anybody have a clue what this might be?? :thinking:


The wrench shown, is a 13mm.



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It's an open-end wrench....


okay, really- it looks like a "welsh plug" or a cap to seal off a boring (like in a case... so it wouldn't show up in a parts diagram). If it's part of your pressurized oil circuit, you may have low (or no) oil pressure. or you may be drawing oil in from a higher level that doesn't go through a pre-filter screen.


the only good news is that it should go into a passage that is inserted from the clutch/kickstarter side. if you solve it, you may be able to find a small freeze plug of the same diameter.


maybe take the clutch off and anything related to the oil pump/circuit and take a look.


also- it looks like it's been banging around for a while; which could be good or bad news.


if I can come up with any more guesses, I'll pm you.


good luck- and let us know.


Your theory sounds logic. Specially when I can add to the info that when I let the engine oil out, there was approx 2,5 liter in the engine. The former owner had put in approx 1 liter to much! :jawdrop:  That will create hight oil pressure, and something have to blow one day.

One question: is it natural to see right trought the engine, if you look into the front oil screen hole, when the right cover is off? I did. (maybe it's here the plug is supposed to be seated)

Thanks for any help. I just hope I don't have to take the whole engine apart.

Now I have scanned pictures, and part charts again, and I think you led me into something Trenchcoat85. If I look closely at the end of one of the gearshafts (secondary gear shaft?), it looks to me that there should be some kind of a plugg. This might be it. I have to take off the clutch basket again and take a look if this plug is present. This plugg can also be seen as item 14 on the 16A-sheet in the E3 part lists. I'll keep you updated!

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Yupp! That's the one!! :thumbsup:

Thanks for the tip that lead me into it!




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