2007 CRF250X Carb Pilot Jet

Ok so I'm losing my mind here. I'm trying to replace my stock pilot jet with a 42 and i have located the pilot jet or what I believe is the pilot jet from all the pictures ive seen online but there is no place to put a flat head. It is a flat top. Do i need to use a socket or a special tool to remove this from the bike?



Thank you

The pilot jet is buried deeply in a recess offset from the main jet. It requires a long, thin slotted screwdriver to access. It sounds like you're looking at the wrong part.

By the way. My 250X came stock with a 42 pilot. I purchased the bike new.

Good luck!

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Ok ya I found that one. Im just working on the Fuel Screw now. Did you have to use that D-shape socket tool or are you able to get that out another way?

These work well. Normally, the blue end grips the jet adequately for removal. If it slips, try crimping it a bit.

Hopefully, you're installing a R&D Flexjet. With the cramped area below the carburetor, these make finger adjusting very convenient.

Good luck!



So thank you very much for that tip. I made this little tool from 2 lugs and used a small nail for better grip and it worked perfectly. I did get the R&D one but u go have ordered a longer fuel screw for easier adjustments. Since I didn't want to wait though I took my dremal and cut a grove at the top so now I can get to it with a flat head screwdriver


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