Flywheel Weights

About ready to install a 13oz on my 01 RM250. Anything I should know before I start. I heard from some people that the fly wheel nut is reverse threads? Correct me if I'm wrong? What's the easiest way to break it loose without a piston lock up tool?

Check the manual to see if it has left hand threads or find a bolt that the new nut will spin onto. The easiest way to brake the the nut loose without the lock up tool is to use a rotor holding tool which just fits into the holes on the rotor to hold it. Do not use a strap wrench because it will most likely scratch the cad plating on the rotor (if it's plated). Some people have used an impact wrench to remove the nut, but it seems a bit harsh. Honestly, I would wait until you have a piston lock up tool because it will make the whole process A LOT easier. There is nothing that will hold the rotor when installing the nut with a FWW anyways, unless you remove the clutch cover and jam the gears. I have tried all of the above methods and the simple piston lock up tool is the way to go. Plus it comes in handy for other tasks like crank seal replacement on either side or installing the clutch hub nut (65 ft-lbs).

Have someone else pushing the rear break while you take the nut off

And the nut is regular threads

Believe it or not rope down the spark plug hole and then cycling the piston until it gets stuck in a xfer port works. It's just dicey getting it out sometimes. :eek:

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