KYB 46mm forks

I am currently in the process of rebuilding an '02 cr125 that has been neglected for a number of years by the previous owner. My focus at the moment is getting the forks rebuilt as well as sprung and valved for me. With that in mind, I started tearing them apart today and found that neither fork had more than a tablespoon of oil in them as well as bushing and seals that were garbage. Now upon getting into the fork sliders, I pulled the center bolts out and found that someone had actually been in there before due to the filing of the nut. Since I plan on going with Gold Valves, this is fine but I was hoping someone could shed some knowledge on me regarding what I found. Specifically, if this is a stock setup since I was unable to find any reference to the stock stack.     















Lastly, I could only find random bits and pieces of information regarding the bladder system on this fork. Some stated that it should be removed while others stated that it is fine to simply leave it be. Can anyone give their thoughts on it? If removing it, do I gain anything? Should I disassemble it further for rebuild or cleaning?








It looks to me like those shims after the smallest went in the stack originally and it had something like 12 face shims as Std,the mid valve looks terrible

No need for the bladders.

Yup. Cut them off,remove the bottom aluminum sleeve and circlip,remove the washer and Teflon band so oil can flow. Makes the forks work so much better.

Gotta say for as old of a design the 46u forks are-they can be a really good fork. There are guys with 2016 bike that would kill for the plush ride an old kyb 46u fork can offer. Simple fork that responds well to basics.

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