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This Is in So. California USA , I am just a Canadian passing on this info.... I know some of you don't live in this area but we all could use a good reminder of our responsibility...

I copied this from another site. I sure would like to make it. I usually go every year with Dual Dogs but it petered out to just two of us.

Anybody else up for it ? Lots of excellent trails up there.

Lake Isabella Trail Day's

March 13 & 14, 2004

8 AM please be early

178 in Lake Isabella exit onto 155 toward Kernville 1.1 miles turn LEFT on KEYESVILLE ROAD just past Kern River, go 0.7 miles to dirt parking area on left w toilets & kiosk.

Please email or call so we know how many volunteers to expect:

760 379-0080


As you know we have lots of motorized use trails in the Lake Isabella area, but there are not enough of us here to maintain them & the Forest Service & BLM have little money to spend on trails. So we need to get more trail riders involved in maintaining the trails that they ride here.

Saturday 3/13 & 14 will be the Lake Isabella trail work days. Working on the trails is the focus, but we will get some riding in as well. Depending on how many riders come, we could offer rides for different abilities. Perhaps show you some trails you did not know about. Come up for the weekend. Ask your riding buddies to help. If you cannot come up for both days, then please consider coming up just for one day to do some trail work. We all need to put some work back in for the great riding that we have.

As you all know there is strong pressure to close motorized trails. The greater presence we show with the Forest Service in terms of taking care of the trails, the more likely that they will listen to us when we demand that they keep our remaining trails open. Keep in mind the motorized use trails are open to all users, so don't be afraid to ask others to help too.

The trail work motorized users do benefits everyone. We should be very proud of that.

I hope you can help.

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