2016 350 EXC-F - metal on magnetic every oil change

Hi Guys


I'm changing my oil on new 2016 350 EXC-F every two enduros (about 10 hours riding).  Bike not hammered but gets pretty hot during these events.  I short shift and do not need to rev hard.  Consider myself smooth with gears.  So surprised to see the magnetic drain plug has so much debris on it.  Looks like this picture almost every oil change.  The long bit looks like the tip of a gear but I might be wrong.  Any thoughts here?

Metal on drain plug.jpg

Does look like quite a bit more than I was expecting to see.


Ive never ran Motorex, but I saw a virgin VOA on it , and really wasn't too impressive, Amzoil actually looks a stronger package , especially for less money.  Sometimes synthetics actually show higher iron count in some motors, obviously you are producing significant amount. 


Believe it or not the 300 Plus hours on my 500 has mostly been on 20w50 dino Valvoline mc , Ive never ran a group iv syn in this bike.  Well I did run amzoil one run but didn't do anything for me.

That's perfectly normal. 

maybe its just the break in but honestly I have not seen anything close to that on my 350 now at 150 hrs.



I'm changing my oil on new 2016 350 EXC-F every two enduros (about 10 hours riding)..


Yes but how many hours are on the bike?




........ Looks like this picture almost every oil change.


but how many oil changes are you talking about?


I expect it can't be too many hours or oil changes since its a 2016 and since you're from New Jersey, I imagine you didn't ride too much over the winter months...yes/no?  Frankly, for an engine with probably not too many hours and not too many oil changes...it doesn't look that bad to me.

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