any way to get a stator for a european market wr250 2 stroke?

would be great if i could order one for my yz, haven't seen any on ebay yet. I guess i could call up a dealer over there but they probably wouldn't deal with me.

Interested in this myself, I want a fan.

Not sure why you couldn't get one from any dealer over here. Any dealer should be able to order any part yamaha makes for any bike anywhere in the world. Although i cant think of an instance where ive done that not the case?

If you would like to get the European WR250 stator in order to power lights (or a fan), it's pretty much been determined that it is the same stator as the YZ250X, which is the same as the standard YZ.

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Jimmy my buddy in the UK just fathered a baby boy. He is preoccupied with that you know. He did get a chance to go to the dealer and found out it is around 500 US to get one here. I am going to try the Electrolux one again when I build my 2004 with the wire harnes I made for the hodgkins. They are sold by Stealthy (about 180.00) but the way I had it before was a Euro kit and not LED. It only puts out about 75 watts, and didn't work corectly. 

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