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Hand guard questions

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Im trying to decide on a set of hand guards. I like the beefyness and accessory bracket of the Fastway Version 1's, as well as their threaded bar inserts, but i like the slide plates of the Cycra Pro bends.  So im wondering if anyone has mounted pro bends to the Version 1 Fastway mount, or pro bend slide plates on to fast way bars. I want tough protection for dirt, and slide protection on road.


Also, has anyone ever had their hand guards mounted to the triple clamps, or handlebar mounts, and had the bolts snap?  Thats one reason i like the fast way version 1 mount.  As well as it may allow me to better fit a headlight, trail tech, and possibly a GPS.  Im just worried repeated dropping with them mounted on the triples or bar clamps will lead to snapped bolts because that would be a huge bummer.



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