11 kx450 popped and died leaving turn wont start

now nothing when kicking but if I crack the throttle and kick it will backfire

Cracking the throttle open when trying to start it and stalling the motor in a turn makes me wonder if you are new to 4 strokes?

I have been riding and racing four strokes for only about ten years. What I was trying to explain was when I left the turn and hit the face of the double I was in second fullo throttle the bike popped and died I almost went over the bars. Trying to start since it does nothing unless I crack the throttle half way then it will backfire. it is an 11 450 being fuel injected I don't usually have to crack the throttle to get it to start

I checked the valves one was alittle tight but not out of range. had a extra stator put it on no change friend rides same bike tried his ecu no change.

checked timing. is there a sensor that would make it act this way?

It's a stab in the dark but any chance your tip over sensor was knocked loose?

Do a leak down test on top end. My friends did exactly what yours did and he cracked a piston.

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